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Mathematica® is a software product that is the property of Wolfram Research, 100 Trade Center Drive, Champaign, IL 61820.  Wolfram Research reserves all rights for this product.  

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Learning Tools Summary  

The Learning Tools© are developed as client applications for Mathematica® that can be used for mathematical calculations and data retrieval in subjects of interest to high school students , college students, hobbyists, and professionals in science and technology.  Users can solve problems of calculus, statistics, easily graph and compute Rieman Sums, compare functions graphically, calculate molecular weights of compounds using built in periodic table constants, search a database on the human genome, explore properties of chemical elements and compounds, graph circles and inequalities, create “speaking” graphic organizers using speech synthesis, and calculate different forms of linear equations with the input of two points.   


Trial Download & Purchase Instructions

All single applications are available on a free trial basis. No credit card is required to download any trial.  The download links also contain the LT_Bundle option which contains all the learning Tools for a discounted price without a trial period.   


All that is required is that you are a user of Mathematica® 7 or higher running on the Windows operating system.  Currently shipping applications are both 32 and 64 bit for Windows.  The installer will place the correct version on your system automatically.  To get your free trial links and a link to download the discounted, bundled applications, and a link for the shopping cart with all applications,  click on the >>Email Purchase & Trial Links link at the bottom of this page.  Fill out the form on this page and the downloads link for all the products will be sent to your email. Download and unzip the file(s) and click on the installer to install your trial(s).  Click on the name of the application that will be in a Mathematica® notebook with the name of LT_”application name”_Caller.nb.  When this file opens, you will be in Mathematica®, where you will select “Evaluate” from the Mathematica® menu, which will cause the learning tools application of choice to become visible in the notebook.  If you decide to purchase, you may do so from the dialogue box that appears each time you run the trial.  If you purchase, you will be directed to PayPal, which you can use if you have, or want to create  a PayPal account......but will be allowed to purchase directly with a credit/debit card even if you don’t want to use PayPal directly.


















>>Product Overview

This application provides an easy-to-use menu for displaying properties of the human genome.




>>Product Overview

This application allows display of properties of the elements found in the  periodic table.




>>Product Overview

Properties of chemical compounds are displayable with this application.




>>Product Overview

Dispays inequality function as  solid or dashed with shaded region for up to five inequalities.





>> Product Overview

This application graphs circles and displays coordinates of intersection of circle with x & y axes based on input of radius and center point.



>> Product Overview

Allows user to associate spoken features to graphic organizer to be used for study and memorization.



>>Product Overview

Displays different forms of linear equations and graph of line based upon input of two points on the line.


















>>Email Purchase And Trial Links  Downloads


After trial downloading the Learning Tools, you will have the option to purchase at these prices. Trials run for three days.   The LT_Bundle requires immediate purchase...there is no trial for the bundle.

LT_Calculator    $25.00    LT_Elements          $10.00      LT_Genome             $10.00       LT_Compounds  $10.00

LT_Circle          $10.00    LT_Audio_Graphic   $10.00      LT_Line_Equations     $10.00      LT_Inequalties   $10.00 LT_Bundle f/Single User                      $35.00 (contains all Learning Tools apps)                 

LT_Bundle f/30 Users For School          $50.00 (contains all Learning Tools apps)

Learning Tools Product Suite


>>Product Overview

Color  graphics, built-in scientific constants, built-in constants for molecular weights and atomic numbers from the periodic table of the elements, formula libraries classified for different  subjects of math and science, integrated statistics and  calculus functions, matrix solver, algebra solver, unit circle solver, regression analysis for “best fit” curves with ANOVA table,  Rieman’s Sum methods, standard integral computations, chart for function analysis with roots for function  and associated  derivatives, trig calculator for 2D & 3D vector resolution, polar coordinate graph, Pascal’s Triangle, and many more features are included.  This calculator can justify its purchase with one homework assignment!



What Wolfram Products Will Run The Learning Tools©?


The Learning Tools will run on Mathematica® and the Player Pro® which can be purchased from Wolfram Research at http://wolfram.com.  


Mathematica can be purchased at special pricing levels based on the category of user. The permanent Home License for non-commercial users is $295.00. The Student Edition is $129.00.  Teacher’s can purchase the Teacher’s Edition for a greatly reduced price.  All of these versions can be purchased for less than the full version price for a one year run limitation, and then upgraded to the regular version.  The commercial version of Mathematica® is $2495.00 for a single user.

It should be noted that Wolfram offers license upgrade paths from the student version to the commercial license for less that the cost of a regular commercial license.  


The Player Pro® is a runtime only version of Mathematica.  If you only want to run the Learning Tools© or other Mathematica applications without authoring your own material, the Player Pro® is Wolfram’s least expensive answer for non-educational users. It is priced at $195.00.  The Player Pro® version of the Learning Tools© does not automatically download from this site.  Contact jramey@mathematica-applications.com or call at 614-742-7335 for availability if interested.  


Will the Learning Tools run on Wolfram’s CDF Player® ?


Wolfram’s CDF Player® is a free, runtime version of Mathematica® that is stripped down to only run applications that are given away for free, do not contain non-numeric input fields, and do not export or import data.  The Learning Tools© will not run on the CDF Player®.